Interesting Times at City Hall

Been awhile since I have posted but thought I would update on the busy summer I am having at work.  Strange in fact that here in the summer doldrums I am busier than I have been since starting I think.  Helps perhaps that my boss and colleague are away for 2 weeks but there is indeed a lot going on and happily I think I am getting a lot of exposure as a result.  Can’t say too much on here because this blog is available publicly but I am working on two key initiatives that could really make a significant difference to the city – the Expo bid and an initiative to get the city into building housing (on a full cost recovery basis) targeted at bringing lower income buyers into homeownership.  Both involve developing financial models and investigating potential innovative revenue sources.  You don’t appreciate how dirty a word taxes are until you’ve lived in Calgary, so this aspect is key.  I’ve been doing a lot of research to see what other jurisdictions have been doing, and I am truly amazed in the case of the latter project, what some small municipalities have been doing like Canmore and Wood Buffalo (Ft. McMurray).  Can’t see any reason why either of these models could not be replicated here.

On my own file, the P3 initiative, the City will be doing some analysis to look at P3 delivery on some key new infrastructure in the protective services area.  Can’t reveal much more at this point since we have yet to develop a communications plan but it is exciting for me as I will get to write the RFP to bring on some consultants.  The process seems to be unfolding as I had envisioned which is that we do the due diligence in an objective way and will make a rational decision involving Council if there appear to be measurable benefits, financial and otherwise, of proceeding with the P3 model.  I do have a lot at stake that Calgary gets it right!


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