Social Conservatism in Alberta

Few weeks have gone by since I have posted on here; guess nothing has got me sufficiently riled up, plus I have not yet really figured out how to get some traffic here, and it’s less fun when no one is reading… I did come across this in the Herald today. Not usually one to wade too far into the “culture wars”, but I have to say, as a relatively newbie to the province, this, and the whole Bill 44 thing surprised me. I wonder if people here in Alberta realize the extent to which gay has become mainstream in the rest of the country. Even framing a gay event as “controversial” in any other province would receive laughter or scorn. Are Albertans so beholden to their regional antagonisms that they take perverse pride in what is commonly regarded these days in the rest of the country as bigotry? It’s time to grow up; diversity attracts people, and if Alberta wants to keep many of the people who have moved here over the last 10 years, it should reflect and respect mainstream Canadian values. I won’t even get started that Calgary, a city of over a million people in one of the first countries to legalize gay marriage has no pride event to speak of.


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