First Blog Post

Okay, I’ve always wanted to start a blog and I guess i am a bit later to the game than some but I finally thought I had something I wanted to blog about, and that is my experience of moving to Calgary 6 months ago to work for the City here. I’ve always been fascinated by cities and urban issues and policies and, in fact have made my living working in this field previously with the Ontario government and at Waterfront Toronto (with a very brief stint as a consultant). I took the job out here in part because of my desire to have some new geography around me, and to be able to (hopefully) offer new perspectives and gain new experiences working on the issues of a new urban region, indeed one that has been experiencing rapid growth and change in the last few years. So far the experience, both with the new job and with Calgary has been good; the challenges and possible solutions are unique, but not truly all that different from what I knew in Toronto, and I could posit that that is because calgary is rapidly transitioning into the league of big cities, with all the problems (and virtues) inherent in that. hence the name I selected: Modern Occident, a play on the much quoted “New West”, perhaps with a touch more flair!

I hope to use this blog as a venue to post my own thoughts on various issues relevent to the urban conversation here in Calgary; however, I also hope that it can become a means to reach out to others who have an interest or opinion on the topics I cover, either as newcomers like myself, or longtime resdients. I look forward to these discussions. One note: since I do work for the City of Calgary (in the adminstration), I will be cautious not to take political positions on whatever issue I discuss, and will seek instead to maintain objectivity as much as possible.

More to come!


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